Cheryl Gavin Breining LMSW, M.Ed, MS, PCC, CPCC (631) 833-5303

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About Cheryl...

Cheryl empowers and motivates her clients to identify their strengths and develop strategies to achieve their goals and dreams. She is Certified Life Coach and Parenting Coach who works with individuals diagnosed with ADHD of all ages, parents of children diagnosed with ADHD, women in transition, and teachers of students diagnosed with ADHD.

Cheryl has been a teacher and helping professional for over 30 years. During that time, she has been a guidance counselor, teacher in a local public school system and worked at a local youth agency. She is an ICF Certified Life and Parenting Coach, a Mentor Coach, a CTI Leadership Graduate, and has completed the ADDCA Program as well. 

Cheryl has implemented community based programs for Parents of ADHD Children, Teacher's of ADHD Children, and Parenting Effectiveness. Her background as a guidance counselor and life coach has inspired her to create Organizational, Study Skills, Learning Styles, Reading, Values Clarification, Career and College Workshops. 

She holds a Masters Degree in Counseling from Hofstra University, a Masters Degree in School Psychology from St. John's University, and a Masters in Social Work from Adelphi University. 

Cheryl currently works with clients individually and in group in her private practice, works with Athletes Helping Athletes as a Leadership Trainer, and teaches on the College Level.

She resides in New York and Florida with her husband and two dogs and  has two adult children.