Cheryl Gavin Breining LMSW, M.Ed, MS, PCC, CPCC (631) 833-5303

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Life Coaching


Life Coaching provides a supportive, nonjudgmental environment that enables you to find your strengths, and develop action steps to achieve your goals. 

ADHD Coaching


Understand how ADHD affects you, identify your strengths and positive attributes of ADHD, develop strategies to improve executive function, motivation, procrastination, time management, etc.

Academic Coaching


Improve organizational skills and time management, develop strategies to decrease procrastination, improve study skills, identify learning style and develop study techniques the reflect them, improve communication skills, 

Mentor Coaching


Improve coaching skills, acquire additional coaching skills, achieve a higher level of coaching competency, increase coach's capability in coaching and align with the ICF Competencies, identify your strengths, improve confidence.

Leadership Coaching


Increase self-esteem, improve communication skills, improve listening skills, identify the type of leaders you are and develop strategies accordingly, identify strengths, talents, beliefs, and goals, develop action steps to achieve your goals.

Parenting Coaching


Discover you parenting style, discover your child's personality type, learn how to use your parenting style is best used with your child's personality type, improve communication skills, improve discipline style, learn how your child's motivation style can best be accessed